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Italian-born, now Sydney-based guitarist, composer and sound engineer, I approached the guitar in my childhood. I graduated with Honours in 2003 and then I kept studying with Angelo Gilardino and Christian Saggese. My work in music is quite eclectic and ranges from classical music to jazz and pop, and from live performances to recordings and lectures.

I have performed in Europe, Asia and Australia for over two decades, as a soloist as well as in groups (Majazzter duo, Quintetto Tempo Vivo, duo Brignolo Salvoni) and with Orchestras.

I have recorded as soloist and lead artist for Brilliant Classics, dotGuitar, Me.To. Productions, Dama Music Productions and SBS Radio. I have been session player at Docet Studio, Theta Studio, MusicLab and AFTRS. As sound engineer and producer, I have worked with such artists as Elise Neumann, Emanuele Buono, Giordano Passini, Christian El Khouri, Gian Luca Barbero, Graziano Salvoni, Andrea Dalla Fontana, Minie Minarelli, Chiara Dello Iacovo.

I have lectured for private associations (A.A.P.As., Associazione Musicale Roma Castelli, Accademia della chitarra di Brescia, Dante Alighieri Society) as well as in schools and universities (Conservatorio di Alessandria, Conservatorio di Novara, Casimir Catholic College).

I am a member of the scientific committee for the International Guitar Convention of Alessandria, and since 2008 I am the music critic for the long-established Italian guitar magazine Seicorde.

Incidentally, I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I am a motivated, resilient person that dares to dream big and then works to turn those big dreams into challenging projects and then makes them become reality.


Blacktown Medieval Fayre

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JAZZ Events

Majazzter at Downtown Bar

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