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For every kind of event, we tailor our performance around your needs

Wedding promotion

Wedding Promotion!

Australia said YES to same-sex marriages!

We are so happy about this, that we will apply a promotional 30% OFF to all the weddings booked with us within December 2017!
*terms and conditions apply

Choose the package you prefer, get in contact with us, and we will apply a 30% discount to our fee.

Hurry, this promotion will only last until the 31st December 2017!

How does it work?

You just want some live music during the reception (lunch/dinner). Let's say 1 or 2 hours.


Our offer: we perform International Jazz and Latin Jazz in a very smooth way, so your guests can still talk while having their meals, and enjoy some of the most famous jazz standards!

Package 1:

You want some live music during the celebration and during the reception (lunch/dinner).


Our offer: during the celebration, we can perform classical music or not, depending on your preferences. And during the reception, we perform our International Jazz and Latin Jazz!

Package 2:

Package 3:

You want some live music during the reception (lunch/dinner) and dancing music afterwards.


Our offer: during the meals, we perform our International Jazz and Latin Jazz. Then, we play a disco/pop/revival playlist and Minie animates your guests and makes them dance (she is also a Zumba instructor, so she can lead with some easy and fun steps!)

Package 4:

You want live music during the celebration and during the reception (lunch/dinner), and dancing music afterwards.


Our offer: the whole Majazzter experience. Music during the celebration, live music during the meals, then animation and dance music.

Contact us today!

Have you already decided your package?

Then download the Performance Information Form, ​ send it back to and get ready to enjoy your Special day with your partner!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Majazzter Duo mostly performs Jazz, meaning Swing and Latin Jazz. We also perform classical music (chamber music) in case you want some typical songs like Ave Maria by Schubert during your celebration. Exceptionally, we can perform live one or two pop songs during your celebration, or during your reception. But this is exceptional, and we will have to agree on the songs you request.
    Please, do not contact us if you are looking for a pop/rock/folk/whatever band, because that's not what we do and we are sure that there are many great live bands in Sydney, that can perform those genres better than us.

  • The promotion is only valid for bookings made no later than 31 December 2017. We consider the wedding booked only if we receive the deposit. Even if we exchange emails and we agree on the date, still the booking will be effective only with a deposit made on our account. Of course, all the payment details are clearly specified in the quotes that we send you while arranging the date. You won't get any surprises, as we always state everything in the written agreements we provide to our clients.

  • The booking has to be made within 2017, but the date of the wedding can be in 2018 or 2019. No extra charges apply if you change the date of the wedding up to 6 months from the date agreed on the quote. An extra charge might apply for changes to the date of the wedding made in the 6 months prior to the date agreed on the quote.

  • Yes, we are extremely happy about Australia's vote on same-sex marriages! But, since we believe in equal opportunities for every couple in love, regardless of their sexual preference, we offer this promotion to same-sex as well to heterosexual couples.

  • We didn't specify fixed prices on our website only because every couple is different, every wedding may have different needs and we want to be able to tailor our service to your event. Some couples might need more "work behind the scenes", like learning your favourite song to play it live; other couples might ask us to stay longer because they want us in their pictures. Since we offer this kind of flexibility, we cannot always stick to a fixed price, because it would mean either setting a higher price for everyone or underestimate our performance in cases that require more work.

  • In the Performance Information Form, you will be asked few questions about the details of the event; please, try to be as clear and thorough as possible. This will help us perfectly understand what you have in mind and give you exactly the entertainment you are looking for.



Sometimes 1 good reason is enough…we’ll give you 5!


  1. We are reliable, professional, consistent. This is our business and we aim to offer the best standards. Every. Single. Time.

  2. We care about our clients and their feedback.

  3. Our equipment has a top high quality: Our PA, cables, Neumann microphones, even our dress code: everything is taken care of in deep details!

  4. You are not a number to us, the success of your Special day is very important to us. Check out what our clients say about us here.

  5. Our prices are very competitive!

For any enquiries, contact us today!

Refined, classy and truly fascinating,

Majazzter will give a unique

Sparkle to your event!

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